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While the world sleeps

November 11, 2013

Like many others, my father served and lost his life long battle upon returning shot and wounded from Vietnam. The memories of him and the nightmares that haunted him ’til his last breath will never be forgotten.

Out of that experience, and countless Veterans events I’ve performed this song at, I know I’m not the only one down on my knees from time to time praying the fight brings a little peace whether out there in the world we live in or the world within ourselves. Especially those fighting PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I shared the lyrics I wrote below for you and a video link to my youtube video:

While The World Sleeps

I don’t know why lately I cry
It seems like this life treats me so good
But the view I see on late night TV
The nightmares have caught up with me
It says please believe with no signs of relief
In all its glory lies misery

While the world sleeps I’m down on my knees
Praying for those all in need
While the world sleeps I’m praying to see
The wings of a dove flying free

John was a friend who swore to defend
A nation down on its knees
He packed his bags set off to sea
To fight for what he truly believed
The news today said he passed away
John was a hero they say

While the world sleeps I’m down on my knees
Praying the fight brings a little peace
While the world sleeps I’m waiting to see
A rain wash away the misery…Bring on the rain

On and on around it goes
On and on around we go

If faith is the key when will we see
The wings of a dove flying free…

If for any reason you have not yet had a chance to check out this free track, you can still download it for free here:


P.S. The Wounded Warrior Project is very important to me; to give back through my music to help others in their time of need. Consider joining the “Advance Guard”.

If not feel good knowing portions of your purchase of my music fund this program.

Sincere thanks,

Rob Anthony

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Rob Anthony opens Mile Of Music Festival

August 10, 2013

Appleton’s Mile of Music succeeds in its debut


8/9/13 – Opening the headlining event of Mile Of Music was hometown favorite Rob Anthony. A soulful singer-songwriter, Anthony brought the audience many of his best in Americana from his career as well as new music; pair them alongside excellent acoustic guitar and the performance speaks for itself.

Second in the lineup was Swear and Shake based out of Brooklyn, NY and Brian Vander Ark of Verve Pipe continued the flow with various acoustic pieces and upbeat performances.

If last night’s concert is any indication of the talent at Mile of Music this weekend, then concert goers are in for some of the best original music they have ever witnessed in the Fox Valley. > Continue reading

Don’t Ever Let Go

May 15, 2013

Huge shout out to “Dr.” Denny Rauen of Rauen Guitars for the delicate operation & restoration of my Black Guild. You have no idea how good it feels to be reunited. In honor of her return I had to get right in & test her out. Here’s a newbie recorded live at the new Studio H complex w/Tony Anders of Verona Grove.

‘Don’t Ever Let Go’ was written while on a recent trip to Chicago & while feeling a little down, overlooking the city and it’s love vibe inspired me to keep fighting onward after a tough year of healing. This song is a reminder to myself never underestimate the power of words & music as it is the emotional canvas between adversity & new beginnings. Truly hope you enjoy. ~ On track again, RA

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Words & music by Rob Anthony

You say there’s more life to live
You say there’s more love to give
So hold on, no don’t
Don’t ever let go

You say once again I’ll feel
You say give it time you’ll heal
Just hold on, no don’t
Don’t ever let go

Feel the sunshine
See the rainbows
Feel the love shine down on you
See the world
Feel it’s love vibe
Hear it calling out on you

Now I know there’s more songs to share
Now I see there are those who care
So hold on, no don’t
Don’t ever let go

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Rauen Guitars: