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The more I write the more I believe a HIT = Honesty/Integrity/Truth. One love.


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Combining the harmony of Americana with singer-songwriter sensibility and outlining an acoustic instrumentation with a rock edge Rob Anthony is truly at home.

He brings a sweet, raspy tenor voice wrapped in a blanket of Americana allure. A native of Wisconsin, Anthony has more going for him than allure. What singles Anthony out from a musical standpoint is his ability to write lyrics people can relate to within the structure of great acoustic guitar.

Stumbling upon an old Rickenbacker in an attic was a chance encounter that changed the direction of Anthony’s life forever. From bands in high school to his first major record deal to his current blend of Americana, Anthony’s career has spanned over twenty years and received numerous awards; awards that have shown he understands the importance of evolution in a musician’s career.

But to fully understand the heart of Rob Anthony, all one needs to do is listen to his music. Anthony reaches into the soul, grabs the struggles of the inner man, and weaves it into a solid, personal connection. This personal connection reaches out to everyone, transcending far beyond the typical muse of singer-songwriters.

It is within this heart that we discover Rob Anthony is more than a musician. His focus is community-wide and Anthony’s philanthropic pursuits dig as deep into the heart of America as his music. In Anthony’s own words, “The true measure of a successful artist is reflected in what is given back to the community.” And, give back he does. Anthony regularly supports various charitable organizations and seeks out opportunities to assist his local community.

While that chance encounter with an old Rickenbacker sealed his future many years ago, Anthony continues to perform and create with the understanding that music is the medium in which lives can be touched, changed, and understood.

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