How do you describe a complete accident?

Since my whole career as a singer/songwriter has been a complete accident it’s been tough trying to describe my music/new album release. Would you like to help in writing an interesting and useful style description? There’s so many flavors from solo acoustic songs, me playing electric guitar with the band and so on over the years. To get the creative juices flowing as you craft your description you can hear my songs on my official website media player absolutely FREE @

For the 3 best most accurate descriptions I will send you my latest 40 song, two disc CD collection set signed with a personalized thank you.

Though these most likely do not apply I’ve attached some examples below.

Thanking you in advance in considering taking some time out to be part of my this journey.

Peace & love,

Rob Anthony

Artist: The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Album: StereoExotique
Description: Blending elements of lounge, surf, latin, jazz, and Hawaiian music, The Tikiyaki Orchestra is the perfect soundtrack to your TIKI BAR, LUAU or SPACE AGE BACHELOR PAD. A sonic adventure to a far away South Pacific island.

Artist: Sara K.
Album: Made in the Shade
Description: Intimate and laid back, this newly released folk/blues SACD Surround Sound recording features concert harp, smooth vocals, new songs and new arrangements of earlier songs, taking you once again to the desert Southwest.

Artist: James Yuill
Album: Turning Down Water for Air
Description: Like many music lovers of his generation, JAMES YUILL has a passion for both the emotional songwriting and atmospheres of artists such as Nick Drake, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens and the visceral beats and dynamic rhythms of Justice, Chemical Brothers…

Artist: Sub-Motive
Album: Chasing Memories
Description: Face-melting guitar rock chopped and sauteed with heart-wrenching ballads, and elegantly garnished with thoughtful lyrics. 0 carbs.

Artist: California Gold
Album: California Gold
Description: This California based trio creates a unique acoustic sound with pianos, guitars, ukuleles, and uplifting harmonies.


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