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Moody, striving, seeking

April 9, 2013

11 interviews Rob Anthony


4/9/13 – Anthony opens up to Joe Carroccio of about persistence, tenacity, finding your voice in an ever-changing world, reflecting how important the roots are and putting in your 10,000 hours.

Anthony’s take on finding the perfect song?

“I’m an artist, so I’m moody (ahaha…) and I think what I strive to have in a perfect song will probably change in three weeks and say I need a little bit of reggae flavor for the perfect song or I need a little Mellencamp for that perfect song. So maybe I’m just on my way to driving myself nuts like most artists.”  

Listen/download the full interview > Rob Anthony Interview

Also, I can honestly say nothing tugs on the heartstrings more than an inspirational story of achievement during life’s most difficult challenges. Humbled & honored Tanya chose my song ‘We All Need’ to share her story.

Once again I’m reminded never underestimate the power of words & music as it is the emotional canvas between musician, listener & life.

Humbled, RA