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Overlooking downtown Chicago

April 6, 2013

Hope you’re all taking in the evening as much as I am. Much love from Chicago, Rob

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Words & music by Rob Anthony

There’s something about the city
That I have grown to love
The small town boy inside of me
Sometimes wonders if it’s wrong
My mama always says,
“Now son the small town’s your real home”
But down in the city is where I belong

I grew up way to quickly
When I went on my own
Left home at the age of seventeen
I had to learn how to be strong
I met a lot of good-hearted people
Never felt I was alone
Now my hearts in the city where I belong

I settle down in the city
My two feet on the ground
I know it’s hard on my poor, poor mama
Her small town boy he’s gone
But I will never forget
From where it is I come from
But down in the city is where I belong