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Moody, striving, seeking

April 9, 2013

11 interviews Rob Anthony


4/9/13 – Anthony opens up to Joe Carroccio of about persistence, tenacity, finding your voice in an ever-changing world, reflecting how important the roots are and putting in your 10,000 hours.

Anthony’s take on finding the perfect song?

“I’m an artist, so I’m moody (ahaha…) and I think what I strive to have in a perfect song will probably change in three weeks and say I need a little bit of reggae flavor for the perfect song or I need a little Mellencamp for that perfect song. So maybe I’m just on my way to driving myself nuts like most artists.”  

Listen/download the full interview > Rob Anthony Interview

Also, I can honestly say nothing tugs on the heartstrings more than an inspirational story of achievement during life’s most difficult challenges. Humbled & honored Tanya chose my song ‘We All Need’ to share her story.

Once again I’m reminded never underestimate the power of words & music as it is the emotional canvas between musician, listener & life.

Humbled, RA


Thoughts on Michael Jackson…

July 1, 2009

There is so much I can say on this subject regarding Michael Jackson, his talent, the effect he had on millions of people from around the world, etc. Over the last few days though, I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of those thoughts, probably from people who are able to express them in writing much better than I’d be able to…

Instead, I want to take this opportunity to say that I feel we really need to take better care of people. Certainly, Michael Jackson made his own decisions about how he lived and, as you know, lifestyle changes happen only when people want it themselves, but with so many artists going out this way, you’d think people would have learned at least how to redirect people a little better, in order to support them in getting the help they deserve.

But instead, we enable entertainers to continue their destructive behavior, milking every last amount of money we can. Amy Winehouse is a perfect example. There is something about watching a trainwreck which we love.

Everybody knows what she is doing is destructive, yet we enable it by buying her records and buying the tabloids that cover her.

And everybody knew what Michael Jackson was doing as destructive.

It’s a pretty dramatic change to go from his likeness in his early years to the recent altered almost wax figure likeness of his recent years.

Like gaining weight, or learning a new skill, it certainly happens slowly and over a long period of time. Surely though, in 2009, we can get better at seeing these thing as they’re happening. And, believe me, there were plenty of people who saw it happening. Morals get fluid when money is involved though.

Everybody has a “Michael Jackson” in their lives. As people in the music business, which seems to attract people with this type of personality, we probably have several.

I hope you’ll take the time to reach out to your friends who are making poor decisions and otherwise acting stupid. Again, you can’t change people…I get that. You can let them know you support them though and you can stop supporting bad behavior.

Let me know your thoughts…

Down The Road makes yet another impact.

May 28, 2009

I was honored and proud to be part of the worlds largest truck convoy for special olympics. With over 100 trucks participating and escorted by the states finest law enforcement traveling up 41 from southeast wisconsin to the EAA grounds in oshkosh they helped in raising $100,00.00 for the Special Olympics of Wisconsin. Congratulations truckers and to all who attended and contributed!

The Special Olympics of Wisconsin provides sports training and competition for nearly 10,000 athletes in nearly 200 communities statewide with cognitive disabilities in 18 different sports year-round. I invite you to visit their site at to read more and find out how you can get involved.

Thanks again to all the truckers for keeping america moving and special thank you to SOWI for inviting me to emcee the event and perform “Down The Road” ~ an acoustic tribute to truckers who move the world along day to day and to the families who await their safe return.

~ Peace, RA