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A transformational journey

April 29, 2013

Nothing tugs on the heartstrings more than an inspirational story of determination & dedication. Huge congrats to Mary Jones & Anagen Eleven. Humbled you used my song ‘We All Need’ as the background to your journey. One love, RA

This is a movie about a woman. Her name is Mary Jones. Her story, her struggle and her journey are the very subject matter of what makes up the word “inspiring“.

At the young age of 11 her best friend and cousin of 12 years old was abducted and her life was taken. This event not only robbed her of her best friend, but also of her innocence.

Mary was faced with the emotional and physical challenges of a dieting problem that she faced head strong in her 20’s. She set out with a goal of losing 100 pounds.

This is her journey.

Hair, Makeup & Photography: Anagen Eleven

Music: Rob Anthony


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It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 15, 2012

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

9/16/12 – During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 16-22) America takes the time to honor drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.

“Down The Road honors those who move the world along day to day and the families who await their safe return. Join us in celebrating the men and women across the country who work hard every day to deliver the ‘Good Stuff’ by sharing this song.

Many people ask me what inspired writing ‘Down The Road’. Not only did I work several years on the docks with truckers when young I still all these years later can’t help to feel a sense of connection with drivers who share the road with me during my travels. I wanted to capture the sense of loneliness along with the feeling of adventure that a life on the road provides.” ~ Rob Anthony

Rob has a page dedicated to ‘DownThe Road’. Click here: > Down The Road

You can download for free & share the links to help celebrate. If there’s ever a time to contribute now is the time with such an important song.

Remember music isn’t in the background rather it’s your best buddy, riding shotgun through life and we hope this song remains a friend for life.

Heroes in music: Rob Anthony

August 8, 2012

Heroes in music: Rob Anthony


8/8/2012 – Many people are given talent, but talent comes with responsibility on a grander scale. That responsibility includes giving back to the world around them and Rob Anthony has successfully done this throughout his career.

The recent tragedies in Colorado and Wisconsin bring us full circle in regards to the frailty of human life. While many show support for those involved in the wake of tragedy, there are some who make the effort to help others long before tragedy strikes.

One such hero can be found in local Wisconsin musician Rob Anthony. A talented and versatile guitar player, Anthony has long supported many causes in his career and what becomes apparent when you listen to the songs Anthony has composed is the heartfelt dedication to them.

In a tribute to the trucking industry, Anthony penned “Down the Road“. The song has become an anthem for those in the sometimes overlooked profession and hit a home run with companies such as Fed Ex and UPS. > Continue Reading