Music lessons from a fellow metalhead

Read of the month goes to Butch Walker and his ‘Drinking With Strangers (Music Lessons from a Teenage Bullet Belt)’. Weary as I was on this artist and not much of a fan I chose to delve in.


Much respect after reading & learning we are both cut from the same fabric of our former guitar shredding youth of the late 80’s Rock scene / L.A. Sunset Strip culture (though no guy-liner/aqua net sprayed hair for this recovering thrasher).

I can totally relate to the stories and the paradigm shift in music culture as I was riding along all those years trying to find my own place during the trending change from long haired head banging lead guitarist of Roadrunner/Triple X Recording artists Acrophet to a journey finding my home as an aging acoustic singer/songwriter such as Butch evolving day to day, year to year through hipsterville. Not an easy task as Butch so clearly states in his book.

Highly recommend if you want a pretty accurate account of the music industry and how it did / currently works. Thumbs up to a fellow long haired Yngwie Malmsteen fan.

BTW ~ Type in ACROPHET (my early days of primal rebellion) on YouTube, have fun watching, laughing, remembering, rocking to my days on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.



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