The Time Is Now

Have you ever heard the greatest speech ever made?

Charlie Chaplin was a man of very few words, but when he did speak, boy was it epic. The following speech I would like to share, I feel encapsulates our current human condition even more poignant than when when it was first uttered in 1940. Charlie Chaplin’s words ring truer than ever, and if we listen to them with a sincere heart, we can all recognize that humanity is quickly approaching a crossroads.

We either evolve to a higher state of consciousness, or we continue to fall into a deeper unconscious state where our existence as a species is seriously threatened.

Modern day life to me seems totally unnatural. The reason life no longer feels natural is because we are so divided. We are divided through politics, media, technology, the economy, and religion. The information age has caused us all to be overwhelmed with an influx of images and conceptual understandings of the world. Through these images that we have been conditioned by, we have created and now live in an almost purely conceptual world. As Mr. Chaplin says, “we think too much and feel too little”.

“Man as an individual is a genius. But men in the mass form the headless monster, a great, brutish idiot that goes where prodded.” – Charlie Chaplin

Living in a conceptual world it is inevitable that we become increasingly divided. We have too many contradicting ideas. We have so much information that we have a hard time trusting what we “think” we know. It takes an incredible amount of energy to maintain, rationalize, and bridge so many contradictory beliefs. We, in the pursuit of worldly knowledge have lost touch with our simple innate inner knowing that is beyond any theoretical knowledge.

As a culture, acting from a divided state of consciousness, no matter what changes that we outwardly implement, or new system of thought we adopt, it will  inevitably lead us to more separation. Separation leads to an inwardly and outwardly violent way of living. We need to see that the outside world is nothing but an expression of our inside world. Therefore if we would really like to change the world, we need to remove our own inner divisions, our own contradictions. When we as individuals become integrated, only then will the external separations fall, which are purely an illusion in the first place.

Life is beautiful, is amazingly simple, it is us who make it appear to be complex.

We need to wake up to our natural state of being. Which is one of pure consciousness. When we feel natural we feel deeply at ease with life. To be at ease with life is to be one’s true self and realize that fact without having to verbalize it, without having to conceptualize it. We are life itself. When we are in our natural state of being we have the clarity to see life as it is. We are free of our conditioning’s.

When we are natural, we just flow with life, which is infinitely intelligent. We are able to perceive oneness with everything. We can love and accept everyone just as they are. It’s time we evolve… You gotta love…

My latest acoustic song ‘You gotta Love’ was inspired by this very speech. I hope you take some time to listen and share.

Words & music by Rob Anthony

Look out for each other
Spare change for the poor
Take time to love one another
That’s what love is at the core

Brothers and sisters
Help the young when in need
We all need to join together
To set love free
You gotta love… Love to set your soul free
You gotta love… It’s what you got to do
It’s what we all gotta do

No need for goodbyes
If you believe we are one
I’ll see you all on the other side
So remember what I say

You gotta love… Love to set your soul free
You gotta love… It’s what you gotta do
It’s what we all gotta do

Peace & love,

Rob Anthony


One Response to “The Time Is Now”

  1. ahhsioux Says:

    I’ve now read this three times. Bravo. The man speaks like his music. Thank you.

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