Rob Anthony up close & very personal

Rob Anthony up close & very personal

By Cubanarama Talk Radio

10/16/12 – Cubanarama talk radio spent two hours getting to know this wonderful singer up close & very personal. Rob was very candid about his life, his songs and journey. I love interviews like this one. From the moment I saw him on the internet his voice captivated me. It’s hard to believe that while the world slept his music would get inside you and inside me. But this is where he belongs.

The honest and truthfulness in this two hour interview welcome the listener in as Rob conveys his small town roots to past struggles only to find true meaning through the power of song. His charity, hope and faith along side the American ballad continues to guide his brand of heartland rock. If you’re looking for the real Rob Anthony his touching story lies within this interview. Listen/download now > Rob Anthony Interview



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