Can’t talk love without sharing the love

Can’t talk love without sharing the love

10/2/12 – For the month of October  you can download Rob Anthony’s entire acoustic album ‘While The World Sleeps’ absolutely free.

WHILE THE WORLD SLEEPS: An acoustic demo project found the singer-songwriter comfortably baring his heart on his sleeve. The album bleeds sincerity, from the realization that ‘I Don’t Need Much’ to his humbling cry for America in the record’s title track ‘While The World Sleeps’. Mid-album on nationwide hit ‘DownThe Road’ ~ an acoustic tribute to truckers who daily help to move the world along, Rob sings: “The sun sets down on a painted sky/It’s always hard to say goodbye/I never leave your smile behind/I take all of you with me,” coloring an emotional canvas torn between duty and guilt, pride and love, that resonates with the American people. ‘While The World Sleeps’ strips songs of faith, freedom, hope & inspiration down to an intimate thought-provoking moment between musician & listener.

Here’s the link >


Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)
When You’re Feeling Blue
I Don’t Need Much
Down The Road
While The World Sleeps
The American Way
You Gotta Love
You Found Me Saying A Prayer
You’re The One

Truly hope you enjoy,

Rob Anthony

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