Your Feedback / New Two-Disc Album Release

This is an open call to writers, bloggers & music lovers who would like to review my new two-disc album release ‘Is This The Plan’. Instead of using traditional media It’s more important to me to have you my friends review my new music/release.

This is the plan: I have 10 copies to send to those who would like to listen and review. I’m extremely proud of this and think it’s my greatest accomplishment musically and fully understand along with ‘great’ means open to criticism, ‘great’ means getting booed for what you believe in & share, but ‘great’ can also spread like a great idea spreads; a chance I’m willing to take and basically have taken for the past ten years, even when you think all the cards have been stacked against you.

I believe there are some very positive messages that have come from a lot of adversity in my life and career, somewhat universal within all our lives and chose 10 years ago to inject through my music love and a message in hopes it would spread to others over the years.

Five album releases later…This two-disc set is a very intimate reflection of the body of work/music I’ve created over the past 10 years with live takes, writing demos & many new songs including: ‘Is This The Plan’ which conveys my small town roots to past struggles only to find true meaning through the power of song, ‘From My Heart’ which is actually the first song I ever wrote for my fiance 20 years ago (yes, she takes credit for my whole career, can we say Yoko Ono? LOL…), ‘Believe In Me’ about seeking forgiveness after a period of an alcohol abused rock & roll lifestyle which eventually led to a ‘Dead End Road’ (So cliche but true…), an awesome DJ re-mix of ‘Inside You And Inside Me’ by DJ Nick Fabry and an acoustic version of Depeche Modes ‘Personal Jesus’, I figure if Johnny Cash & Marilyn Manson can do it why not.

When done reviewing the CD’s my hopes are for you to pass it along to a friend, family member, service member, co-worker, etc., etc… anyone you feel would enjoy the music and it’s message. But if you’d like to keep it by all means keep it ;)

If interested email me at with your name, address and any pre-thoughts you have.

I value your time in listening and look forward to sharing/posting your thoughts on my new sites which I hope you check out.

And of course keeping this from being a one-sided conversation let me know what you’re up to and how summer is treating you. Any awesome vacation spots you been too worth checking into? Please share…

Also, remember this summers theme from my song ‘I Don’t Need Much’ inspired by the great Bob Marley:

“I don’t need much just my friends and a whole lot of love / I don’t need much just some good time and a whole lot of sun / There’s not much I need just my wine and to be free”

Peace & love,

Rob Anthony




‘Is This The Plan, The Essential Rob Anthony’ ~ (40 Songs/Two Discs)

This two-disc retrospective is no greatest-hits collection; It instead invites you to experience an intuitive songwriter’s evolution with alternate takes of past songs blending naturally with and providing context for more recent material. Features new songs, live takes and much more.

CD’s/downloads now available at: CDBaby

Are buying CD’s & downloading albums safe through CDBaby? Yes. Buying Rob’s CD’s is 100% safe! CDBaby accepts all major credit cards and guarantees secure online shopping. Our official retailer CDBaby uses the most powerful privacy systems available – much safer than using your credit card in person, by mail, or by phone. Nobody ever sees your credit card info. It is charged, and immediately erased – never stored on their system at all.

Track Listing


Is This The Plan
We All Need
Inside You And Inside Me
When You’re Feeling Blue
You’re The One
While The World Sleeps
Down The Road
More Than A Friend
All I Do Is Think Of You
I Don’t Need Much
You Gotta Love
Hard To Believe
Save That Rose For My Grave
It Wasn’t Too Long Ago
Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)
From My Heart (Writing Demo)
Lucky Old Seven
Inside You And Inside Me (DJ Nick Fabry Re-mix)


Where I Belong
Is There A Page
The American Way
Just Me And You
Bring Me Back Down
Believe In Me
You Found Me Saying A Prayer
Have I Lost What I Found
While Yesterday It Rained
Hold On
You’re The One (Live)
She’ll Come Home To You
Perfect Day
I Should Have Known
How You Went On Without Me
Dead End Road
Waiting For You
Fool For Lovin’ You
Believe In Me (Writing Demo)


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