Philosophy of life

Ok, I’m being premature here but I couldn’t hold out… Uh, ok…anyway… My latest read: “A Guide To The Good Life {the ancient art of stoic joy} by William B. Irvine. I highly recommend it for those interested in philosophy.

An excerpt: What do you want out of life? You might answer this question by saying that you want a caring spouse, a good job, and a nice house, but these are really just some of the things you want in life. In asking what you want out of life, I’m asking the question in its broadest sense. I am asking not for the goals you form as you go about your daily activities but for your grand goal in living. In other words, of the things in life you might pursue, which is the thing you believe to be most valuable?

Many people will have trouble naming this goal. They know what they want minute by minute or even decade by decade during their life, but they have never paused to consider their grand goal in living. It is perhaps understandable that they haven’t. Our culture doesn’t encourage people to think about such things; indeed, it provides them with an endless stream of distractions so they won’t ever have to. But a grand goal in living is the first component of a PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. This means if you lack a grand goal in living, you lack a coherent philosophy of life.

Why is it important to have such a philosophy? Because without one, there is a danger that you will mis-live. That despite all your activity, despite all the pleasant diversions you might have enjoyed while alive, you will end up living a bad life. There is, in other words, a danger that when you are on your deathbed, you will look back and realize that you wasted your one chance at living. Instead of spending your life pursuing something genuinely valuable, you squandered it because you allowed yourself to be distracted by the various baubles life has to offer.

To sum it up: Why is self-discipline worth possessing? Because those who possess it have the ability to determine what they do with their life. Those who lack self-discipline will have the path they take through life determined by someone or something else.

Please let me know what’s going on with you (really!) to keep this from being a one sided conversation :-) Any new books I should read, new blogs to visit or just a random hello is fine ;) I’m always seeking inspiration from others so don’t be a stranger unless your dog just died, you’re barn burned down, your other half left you for a another half-way across the world or you’re mama just got run over by a train, I don’t need to write any more country songs… LOL.

Peace & love,

Rob Anthony


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One Response to “Philosophy of life”

  1. flower50 Says:

    Rob Anthony,
    The Philosophy Of Life:
    I know what you mean with having the philosophy of life.When you don’t have anyone to share your feelings than you desire for things and make them your goal.Its but natural as everyone has a right to be happy and live a life with no worries its something which is liked.Life for some is pleasant and others just keep wishing.Its better to have a home, a good job and a caring spouse than live a single life.One should enjoy every moment of life as its very special.What can a single woman do life for her is boring as she is living without a spouse.After all she has to get married to be contented in life.We get many things out of life it gives us moral courage,and discipline.

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