I want you, I need you, I’ll love you…

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite artist/band as the online poll will be closing. A personal thanks to everyone who has voted & to those who’d still like your voice to be heard you can do so at the link below today & today only.

The great thing about this award is it’s voted by “you the people of Wisconsin”, the ones who support the musicians, actually go to the shows & buy their music.

So, if you think I’m worthy of a vote for “People’s Choice Artist Award” of Northeast WI for the WAMI awards show being held at the PAC in Appleton WI Monday April 12th I’d truly appreciate it.

Please vote for Rob Anthony of the Northeast Quadrant of Wisconsin. I’d be honored to get your vote and truly grateful if you passed this along to your contacts, friends, family & associates. Here’s the link to vote at: http://www.wamimusic.com/peoplesChoice.aspx

ON A SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to WFRV Channel 5 for sharing some positivity on there Sunday Morning program about American Red Cross Month. As you may or may not know I’ve been very critical about the mainstream media turn since 2002 with a song I wrote called “While The World Sleeps”

…and in a media storm of mostly negativity stories it’s nice to see community stations here in Northeast Wisconsin still have shows spreading some light of positivity.

So thank you Lisa, Justin & WFRV Channel 5 for having us on promoting the Red Cross Concert Thursday March 25th 8pm at UWGB & sharing some Red Cross stories for your viewing audience.

I encourage you to become a friend of Channel Five Sunday Morning on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/channelfivesundaymorning


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