Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

This weeks read: “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker

My notes:

“It’s almost funny; rich people have a lot of money and spend a little, while poor people have little and spend a lot.”

I highly recommend you read this book. It will only help you grow and have a better understanding why it is your where your at and most importantly why you work so hard day to day only to collect more bills.

If you can learn to unlearn and start making your money blueprint you “will” be successful. It’s the law of the universe, it’s the law of attraction, it is the law of money.

It’s a great read for those who have the belief money is only for the rich. I for one have been taught to believe this through out my life, It’s almost as if we all have been conditioned to believe this since birth through our parents, friends and family. Poor people often look at other peoples success with resentment, jealousy, and envy. Or they snip, “They’re so lucky,” or whisper under their breath, “those rich jerks.”

It’s amazing to witness the resentment people have towards successful rich people, as if there bad in any way shape or form. If you want to be a good person, then you can never be rich. It’s impossible. How can you be something you despise.

“Wealth File #15 Page 155” ~ Rich people have their money work hard for them, Poor people “work hard for their money” if you’re like most people you’ve been programmed that “you have to work hard for your money”, chances are good, however, that you didn’t grow up with the conditioning that it was just as important to make your money work hard for you.”

The habit of how you manage your money is more important than the amount. Money will only make more of what you already are. It’s the roots that create the fruits. Learn to unlearn what you’ve been conditioned to believe about successful rich people.

Learn to unlearn…

Everything will change if you quit being a “Know it all” to a “Learn it all” type of person. And, by the way if you don’t have time to do things you want to do you’re most likely a modern day slave.

Becoming rich isn’t as much about getting rich financially as it is about whom you have to become, in character and mind, to get rich. I want to share a secret with you that I’ve learned by reading this book & throughout my past 2 years; the fastest way to get rich and stay rich is to work on developing you! The idea is to grow your self into a “successful” person.

Your outer world is only a reflection of your inner world, you are the root; the results are your fruits.

Rich people believe “I create my life.” Poor people believe “Life happens to me.”

I am learning to unlearn.

If you’d like more notes on this book by another person follow this link:

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a reply. Also feel free to copy, forward, quote, or anything else.

As Spock from Star Trek said, “Live long and prosper.”

Peace & love from abroad my friends,

Rob Anthony


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