The power of you…

It’s a good idea to become aware when you say “I’m not” and to think about what you are creating as you say it. All great teachers have taught the power of the words “I AM”. When you say I am the words that follow are summoning creation with a mighty force because you are declaring it to be a fact. You are stating it with certainty. So immediately after you say I am tired or I am broke or I am sick or I am late or I am overweight or I am old or I am where I belong the genie says, “your wish is my command”.

Knowing this wouldn’t it be a good idea to use the two most powerful words “I AM” to your advantage? How about I am Happy, I am abundant, I am healthy, I am love, I am peace, I am trusting, I am eternal youth, I am filled with energy every single day!

This is a power inside you and inside me and you must trust yourself. Then can the power of your inner self take you on a ride of a lifetime. It’s not so hard to believe. So when I wrote the song ‘Hold On’ I express over and over to take the hand that is extended within yourself grab hold and hold on for the ride of a lifetime. This is why I love performing my music ~ positive affirmation…

You can hear ‘Hold On’ by clicking here >> Hold On

The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life but you cannot receive the answers unless you are aware. Be aware of everything around you because you are receiving the answers to your questions in every moment of the day.

The channels those answers can come through are unlimited. They could be delivered in the form of a newsletter that attracts your attention or overhearing someone speaking or in a song (many Rob Anthony songs, wink, wink…) or a signage on a truck passing down the road or receiving sudden inspiration. Remember to remember and become aware while the world sleeps.

As always I truly hope to inspire and encourage you to wake yourself up from inside and see the power of you!

Peace and love,



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